Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System
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Rapidly Eliminates Wrinkles
Reduces Enlarged Pores
Removes age spots and redness
Ability to see results Instantly
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Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System

Our Top Rated Anti-Aging / Wrinkle Cream

The science behind this combination of 3 products relies on the premise of synergy.   In other words, each product works better, when combined with the others.   That is what we like the most about the Dermagist product line, they take an ordinary skin care treatment and supercharge it by using the best ingredients and by combining them with forward thinking skin care.  The result has been ground breaking results in many anti aging niche markets.

The Complete Rejuvenation System is the flagship of the Dermagist product line.  It burst on the scene  years ago, setting the bar for anti aging treatments.  To this day this is the Fastest Working, Most Effective and has the Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating  of any skin care product we have ever tested!




The active ingredients that Dermagist uses are second to none and each of this systems’ three products contains special wrinkle fighting ingredients, essentially increasing the speed and the resulting wrinkle reduction,  exponentially.  Complete Rejuvenation System is made up of three products.  The Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, the Dynamic Age Defying Serum, and the Instant Effect Lifting Serum.  The products combine to eliminate wrinkles, smoothing away fine lines and loose skin.  By restoring cellular function on the surface layers of the skin, users report reduction in enlarged pores and the removal of sun spots, age spots and generally redness that comes with aging.  Finally, this product delivers spot treatment to instantly remove the deep creases of repetitive motion, allowing for the instant gratification so many of us are craving.

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What Happened When We Did Our Homework

To put it plain and simple…..We Were Blown Away.  We had heard the stories about Dermagist, and read the testimonials on Facebook and so forth.  We were excited to try it, but we were skeptical.  We have been let down before, as many of you have, I am sure.  So I guess you could say we had a guarded optimism.

Well that didn’t last long.  I think we realized that Dermagist was really something special roughly 1-1.5 weeks into the testing. (some testers took 2-2.5 weeks)  It was then that we could see real changes.  Not superficial tightening of the skin to give a desired result, but actual change in the health and luster of our skin.  While it is hard to measure long term wrinkle reduction after such a short time of using a product, our microscopes recorded that our wrinkles and fine lines were not only shorter, but also had reduced in depth.  That was all fine and good, but the changes we could see with our own eyes, THAT was what we were giddy about!!

With each passing day, our skin grew healthier and more supple.  It was more than just moisture, The Complete Rejuvenation System stimulated a corrective change in the way our skin functioned.  Our pores were smaller, wrinkles were an after thought, we just looked younger, healthier, more confident.

Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System is a winner!  It IS the solution you have been waiting for.  The results are real.  It make take a few days to stimulate the corrective process within your skin cells, but once it begins, there is no doubt what an amazing product this truly is.

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16 reviews on “Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System

    The reviews of this product sound very good, but most reviewers were referring to face and neck.
    Does it help with crepey, loose, wrinkled skin on the arms? Thank you.


      Hi Maria. Yes it is definitely a very popular product with great results, for clients looking to firm and smooth that “crepey”, loose wrinkled skin on the arms, hands, and places OTHER than the Neck, which is what it was originally formulated for.


    Are there any negative reactions using the Dermagist system and being in the FL sun?
    Any SPF recomendations while using the Dermagist system?
    Approximately how long will the Dermagist system last?
    Thank you for your reply


      There is no sun-blocking function in the Dermagist products. So you will still need to use your normal sunscreen. Dermagist is GREAT for people who live in environments with harsh sun, as it can help “undo” some of the damage your skin is getting in the sun. Each order should last about 45 days.


    I am interested in buy the anit-aging products (3 to a package). Can I use these products along with your neck cream and eye cream? I have somewhat sensitive skin also; are these products usable for this type of skin? Then, after using these products, do I then need to use a separate moisturizer? Thanks.


      Hello Charlene. Good choice on the products. The Dermagist line is very, very popular. You can certainly use come complete rejuvenation system along with the neck and eye cream. Many people do You will definitely NOT need any other moisturizer after using these products. Your skin will be completely nourished. If you need any advice on the order in which you should apply the products, or any suggestions in use, you might want to check with the folks at Dermagist directly by using the chat on their website.



    Will they work good for 75 years old?


      Absolutely. Many clients use this product well into their 90’s.


    Is it better then Lancome? I got my mother that.

    My mom has asthma, and she takes severe medication. So her skin has lost a considerable amount of elasticity.


    I need to know if the products are fragrance?


      Hi Rebecca. In the Complete Rejuvenation System, there are 3 products. The Dynamic Age Defying Serum and the Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream are slightly fragranced with a very light citrus smell. The other product in the System, the instant-effect lifting serum has no scent.



    Within 2 weeks I could see a difference. Especially in the way my skin felt to the touch. Very soft and smooth. I still have wrinkles, but they are less noticable. I am going to keep using this.


    This system totally reduced my pores and redness. I golf a lot and My skin really was wrinkly and had lots of very noticable pores and unevenness. Not any more. I’m very pleased.


    Love this product. Been using it since 2007 and I never run out. My skin has never looked better.


    I have never found a product that works as well as this system. You literally see your skin changing practically before your eyes. I am recommending the Complete Rejuvenation system to all my friends. I have been using for 5 months and will keep using it forever.


    I have been using this product for over a year. I absolutely love it. I read so many glowing comments on facebook about Dermagist, and I’m glad I believed them. Fan for life.