Gold Bond Foot Cream
Heals Wounds, Cracked Heels
Seals and Protects Dry Feet
Deep Moisturizer
Soothes Aching, Tired Feet
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Gold Bond Foot Cream

From the makers of medicated powders comes a foot cream designed to reduce aches and pains while removing dry skin.  As far as foot creams go, you may be surprised just how few companies combine the comforting soothing of achy, tired feet with serious treatment for dry skin.  That is just what Gold Bond is promising that this foot cream delivers.

Most of us are familiar with the brand name gold bond, we see it in our local stores.  The brand is established and has a decent reputation as far as store bought products go.  The pricing is affordable and if it delivers what it promises, it seems like it may be a decent value for consumers.  Of course we have all feel for promises from skin care companies before haven’t we?


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Overall this is a good value and the name Gold Bond speaks for itself.  The main issue with this foot cream is whether or not it is powerful enough to treat real damaged tissue. This cream works fine for average or normal dry skin, but when you step the damage up to a cracked heel, it seems to fall behind just a bit.  If you have cracked, or dry heels that don’t seem to go away with normal moisturizing, then this cream is probably not the option for you.

But if you do not suffer from severe dry skin and you have tired achy feet that need some love at the end of the day, then this bargain brand may be the best option for your budget.  By no means does it compete with our leading brands, but not all foot creams are created equally, and no one person is alike.  If it fits your needs, then perhaps this is the right choice for you.


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